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This website is for use by clients that need access to legal documentation and corporate policies that support the funds in our Cross Border fund range that are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. If you wish to make an investment please contact your local sales representative. View full list of regional websites.



Short-Term Investments Company (Global Series) plc - Changes to Transfer Agency Services

Changes to your Short-Term Investments Company (Global Series) Plc (Invesco STIC) account

Shareholder letter: Changes in the registrar and transfer agency services provided to Short-Term Investments Company (Global Series) Plc


EMT costs and charges

Costs and charges for our funds that you may require under MiFID II

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Implementation of FATCA and CRS rules at Invesco

Details about FATCA and CRS and how it may impact investors.

FATCA client Q&A

List of Global Intermediary Identification Numbers (GIIN) for our funds

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) client Q&A for our Irish domiciled funds


Invesco plans to simplify the structure of its cross-border UCITS fund range

Guide (high level)

Q&A document (detailed)

Sample Invesco Funds Application Form

UCITS fund range - Results of EGM 13th August 2018

UCITS fund range - Results of EGM 29th August 2018 

UCITS fund range - Completion of phase 1


Depositary/Trustee Sub-Delegates

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Remuneration Policy of the Management Company

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View the Invesco controversial weapons policy.