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Invesco Investment Management Limited is the management company for the Invesco Liquidity Funds Plc, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Invesco EMEA ETF fund ranges (Invesco Markets plc, Invesco Markets II plc and Invesco Markets III plc). If you wish to access legal documentation for the Invesco EMEA ETF fund ranges,  please follow this link: etf.invesco.com 



Invesco Liquidity Funds Plc – Daily fund data

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EMT costs and charges

Costs and charges for our funds that you may require under MiFID II

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European ESG template (EET)

ESG data that you may require under MiFID II and IDD:

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Investor Money

Please note that all investor holdings, categorised as unclaimed distributions and / or unclaimed redemptions and defined as Investor Money under S.I. No. 604 of 2017 Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013 (Section 48(1)) Investment firms Regulations 2017, have been transferred from Invesco Global Asset Management DAC to Invesco Investment Management Ltd, as of 17 May 2019. There is no change to any terms and conditions of your investment. If you have any queries, please contact Queries@invesco.com


Remuneration Policy of the Management Company

The remuneration policy includes information on how the Management Company’s approach to remuneration takes account of sustainability risks


The Manager’s approach to integration of sustainability risks

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The Invesco Group sustainability risk policy can be found here.


Principal Adverse Impact statement

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Principal adverse impact statement summary


Engagement policy

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Shareholder Complaint Handling Procedure

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Proxy voting

You can find voting records for UCITS ETFs at the following link. Kindly note that not all share classes are suitable for all investors and investors should ensure that they comply with the restrictions applicable to the share classes as disclosed in the relevant legal documentation of the fund. Availability of a share class could vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To obtain further information on the availability of share classes in your jurisdiction, please refer to the appropriate internet site or your local Invesco office.


View the Invesco controversial weapons policy.